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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Corner sections in the Loge level offer fans an inexpensive way to sit in the lower level. All seats in these sections are within 23 rows of the court which allows you to get close to the action without paying the high ticket price of a seat along the sidelines.

Because Ball Arena also accommodates basketball, there are some seats in this zone that should be passed over for a basketball game. Unless your sole purpose is to sit as close as possible, the first 10 rows in Sections 106, 120, 130 and 144 should be avoided. Instead of being angled towards the court, these sections face behind the near basket. This can lead to an uncomfortable evening of turning your neck the whole time to see the action on the court. As an alternative, choose seats in a higher row. You'll have more comfortable sightlines and also be close to the concourse and its amenities.   -

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