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Floor Seats For Nationwide Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

For most end-stage concerts at Nationwide Arena the floor is split up into eight seating sections. Floor 1-3 are part of the front floor, 4-6 part of the middle floor and floor sections 7 and 8 are part of the rear floor.

Front and middle floor sections most commonly have 26 rows of seating labeled A-Z. Because of the location of the sound mixer, floor section 5 is often limited to just five rows.

Seat numbers on the floor vary considerably by event. However, most commonly there are 12-15 seats per floor section with seat 1 on your right as you look towards the stage. As a result, the best seats in floor sections 1/4/7 are higher-number seats and the best seats in floor 3/6/8 are closer to seat 1.   -

Interactive Seating Chart


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    • "Jeff Lynnes ELO - Electric Light Orchestra - Jul 30, 2019"

      (Floor 2) -
    • "Shawn Mendes - Aug 26, 2019"

      (Floor 1) -

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