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Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Gallery Down the Line seating is located on the highest seating tier at Nationals Park, running between third base and the left field foul pole. These sections are home to some of the furthest views in the stadium, but are still better than the even higher seating options located in the upper portion of the Gallery.

Fans will have good views of the scoreboard from these seats as it sits above right center field, but may struggle to catch all the action on the field especially in the sections nearest to the foul pole.

Most Gallery Down the Line sections have 10 rows of seating, starting with Row A (closest) and ending in Row J (furthest).  -

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    • "Bar on railing completely blocked out home plate, the pitchers mound, and second base"

      (Section 303) - -

      The Nats should be ashamed to take money for this seat.

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