M&T Bank Stadium

"Perfect View in the Corner"

Seat Review From Section 109, Row 18, Seat 1
Sep 2013


These seats were in a great position due to being on the aisle and at the last row of the bottom portion of the section (just below the entry tunnel). Plays on the field felt incredibly close especially the touchdowns at our end, and I was far enough back where I could also see the other end of the field well and not get blocked out by the players standing on the sidelines. Getting to and from the concourse was incredibly convenient and made for quick trips back and forth to limit the time away from the game.

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action

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    See the Ravens Coming Onto the Field!

    Aug 2013

    Section 109, Row 23, Seat 1

    The seats are ideal for seeing the Ravens come onto the field, so it's a pretty energized section -- especially early in the game. The angle towards the field is pretty good for corner seats. You're high enough up to see the opposite end of the field well, which isn't true for similar seats in lower rows. Concessions are a breeze to get to. Women's restroom is right there, while the Men's is just a couple sections away. Good option for families that have to cater to kids a lot.

    Almost on the field, great view of the player entry!

    Sep 2013

    Section 109, Row 4, Seat 1

    The seats were just 4 rows from the turf of M&T Bank Stadium, and it was a rush being so close to the players and the pageantry throughout the game. Watching the players take the field before the game was definitely a highlight, very close to all the flames and fireworks that shoot up from the players entry tunnel just a few sections over. Would be a great place to take the family as the other fans were well behaved and you get to be so close to all the action and all the fun of an NFL game! The avid fan will also enjoy as the views of the far side of the field are more than adequate, and the large scoreboard in the distance is easily viewed from the seats. Could have been even better if the seats were on the Ravens sideline, but the Falcons fans in the section seemed happy to have their players close by.

    • "Great view undercover "

      (Section 120) - -

      Great seats at press box level, able to see the whole field. Seats on a slight angle toward playing field, every play right in front of you. You are up high enough that there is no obstruction especially from fans going up and down steps. You don’t get wet when it rains, but did get a little sun....

    • "Well Protected"

      (Section 134) - -

      Our seats were very well protected from the elements at the top of section 134, and still had great corner views on the lower level from just behind the back of the endzone. The seating deck above extended over our heads providing a nice little roof and keeping us almost entirely shielded from the ...

    • "Great View Of The Game"

      (Section 119) - -

      Right next to the Ravens Tunnel