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Jun 2018


We were in Box #8, which is dead center to the stage just in front of the 300 section. The box had 8 seats, divided into 2 rows (A & B) of 4 seats with a big aisle/gap in the middle. It was really 4 separate sets of 2 seats so was perfect for my wife and I - we had plenty of open space around us. There was also a shelf in front of us to hold food and drink.

There is a VIP entrance (far left side when you're coming in) that lets you skip the line and you get a VIP wristband when you come in. Boxes have food & drink service so you never have to leave your seat if you don't want to. The VIP wristband gets you into the VIP lounge (Amex lounge) which has some better food options than the rest of the venue - we had dinner from the Drake menu, I didn't really see what else was available in the lounge.

The sight lines from the box seats are excellent. You are at the front of the 300 section and elevated so the catwalk that runs between the 200 and 300 sections doesn't cause any issues. These aren't the closest to the action (front of 200 section would be better) but great seats and a great vantage point if you just want to sit and enjoy the show unobstructed.

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VIP Boxes are the way to go!

Apr 2018

Box Seats

Awesome experience sitting in a box for the OneRepublic show! Loved having in-box wait service. Allowed us to order drinks have them delivered directly to us. Food menu in the box is underwhelming. I recommend grabbing food in the lounge before the main show where they have much better variety. Views were fantastic, and we had plenty of room to move around in the box. Would definitely do again!

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