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"Oakland Raiders at New York Jets - Nov 24, 2019"

Seat Review From Section 144, Row 23   Verified Customer
Nov 2019


great location. loved them

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    Good view spoiled by a bad angle

    Sep 2013

    Section 144, Row 13, Seat 11

    The seats were so close to the field that during warmups I could tell which brand of headphones the players were wearing while stretching out - no mistaking that red b from the beats audio. Located just behind the back of the endzone, being here was incredible for touchdowns and anytime the ball was within our 25 yard line. My seat was angled towards the front of our endzone, so unfortunately that means I was turning my head to the right a lot when the ball was on the far side of the 50. Sitting closer to the left aisle in this row would be beneficial as the first four seats in Row 13 (Seats 13-16) had a better seating angle to view the majority of the field without wrenching your neck.

    Looking to the right most of the game

    Sep 2013

    Section 144, Row 30, Seat 16

    Decent elevation from the field level provided a good perspective to most plays of the game. The players and the equipment at the near sideline (visiting team) are tough to see over for plays at the corner of the far endzone, and I wish the seats had pointed towards midfield more as it felt like I was always looking to the right. Parallel and in line with the uprights meant it was tough to know if a kick was on target or sailing wide. Seats were decent for hard plastic, and also had cupholders which was nice.

    Favorite Seats: section 144 row 7 seat 1

    Section 144, Row 7, Seat 1

    • "See the Giants warmup"

      (Section 118) - -

      These seats don't really give you a good angle to the other side of the field. If you like staring at the back of the endzone for the whole game, these seats are ideal. They're probably best for someone who wants the whole gameday experience, as many Giants players warm up right in front of you and ...

    • "Satisfied"

      (Section 108) - -

      Amazing Seats

    • "Awesome!!!"

      (Section 133) - -

      Great seats, players warmed up right in front of us. Endzone is literally 15 feet away. Awesome seats!!!!

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