MetLife Stadium

"Club Seats in the Touchdown Club"

Seat Review From Section 220C, Row 9, Seat 7
Aug 2018


This was the very last section in the Touchdown Club. I could reach just to the left and shake hands with fans in the non-club sections. I point this out because the view in the non-club sections is nearly identical - if you're sitting here you're paying for the padded seats and the club access.

Having said that, the padded seats and legroom really was nice. This was a preseason game, so it was half-empty, but I could see these comforts really coming in handy during a crowded regular season game.

What did come in handy on a 95 degree day was the club - just like it would on a 25 degree day. Large, open indoor area with huge windows towards the field (you can't actually see the action from inside) and back towards to New York.

This was the tenth NFL club I've visited in the past year, and they are pretty much all the same. Lots of concession stands and bars and lots of places to sit and eat or drink. What made this one different was the variety of food offered and the complimentary items.

There was a chicken wing bar, sushi stand, Italian option, kosher option and a few others. And all of it looked delicious. But my favorite part was the free food they provided. It was only in limited quantities (gone by kickoff), but there were free cheesesteaks and chips, along with a free kosher and gluten-free item (gone by the time I got to them). This was a really nice touch and a welcome alternative to paying at least $15 for each entree.

Overall, they are significantly more expensive than other seats on the 200 level, but they offer good views and nice amenities. If I were coming to another Giants or Jets game at MLS, this would be the first place I look for seats.

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