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"Great View From the Outfield"

Seat Review From Section 40, Row G, Seat 21
Aug 2016


Pretty rare to find outfield seats with a view of everything, but this spot is great. Can see almost every inch of the field.

Bit of a walk down the stairs, and can't see the videoboard, but overall not bad for the right price.

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    The Marlins Bullpen is to the Left of Section 40

    Section 40

    Sit in a higher number seat in Section 40 to be next to the Marlins bullpen.

    • "Not as good as expected"

      (Section 39) - -

      First row over the Marlins bullpen sounds great, but it really isn't. The wall in front of you is pretty high, so you can't see in unless you stand. No videoboard view and the view of the field is just OK.

    • "Convenient outfield seats"

      (Section 36) - -

      These probably aren't first choice seats, but if the price is right, they're not too bad. Can see the whole field. Under the video screen, so have to rely on the monitors for replays. But they're just a couple steps from the concourse, making them pretty convenient.

    • "Sit by Dancing Tony"

      (Section 30) - -

      Pretty much guaranteed to get on the jumbotron when Tony is here and dancing. He's just a couple seats over. Seat-wise, they're ok. The air conditioning is blasting on them at the moment. Not sure if that is always the case, but it is making them cold right now. One of the few spots for home r...

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