Madison Square Garden

"Great Seats!!"

Seat Review From Section 118, Row 6, Seats 8,9
Mar 2015


Seats were perfect. Close enough, and tiered so the view was awesome.

Best for... being close to the stage

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    Good price value

    Apr 2016

    Section 118, Row 6, Seats 7-8

    We were very pleased. Not too far to the side, and if we were closer we would have been below the stage. Recommend these highly.

    Billy Joel - Dec 11, 2019

    Dec 2019

    Section 118, Row 21   Verified Customer

    Good view of the stage. Comfy. Close to bathroom and the bar!

    • "Was pleasantly surprised...."

      (Section 108) - -

      That our seats where much better than expected, really didn't even need to look at screens. We like being on Tony's side. The sound was incredible in the Garden that night and Tommy's solo was jaw dropping. Had a great time except for the $11.00 beers and the fact that the beer stands closed way to ...

    • "Great"

      (Section 116) -
    • "Tame Impala - Aug 22, 2019"

      (Section 117) -

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