Honda Center

Anaheim Ducks Terrace Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Corner seating on the Terrace Level is usually one of the best places to find a cheaper ticket for a Ducks Hockey game. Far views help keep the prices in the lower tier, but the elevation actually helps to give you a great overall view of most the ice. The only time you'll lose the puck is when its played to near corner boards.

Sections here have up to 19 lettered rows of seating, and entry tunnels between Rows C-D. Sections 430-431 are some of the best options in this area thanks to their positioning near the net where the Ducks shoot twice, and sight lines to the front of the team benches.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • " I like 426 better, because I could actually see the screens above end areas."


    I was in 425 for two years and then moved to 426. I like 426 better, because I could actually see the screens above end areas. I also liked the angle of view of the action better.

  • "He was amazed at how good a view my seats had."


    I like it up high cause I can see the complete game plus I can afford a complete season package

  • "Section 409 was great in the sense that I could quickly scamper out to hit the bathrooms during breaks"


    But ideally, we'd be able to move over a section or two (or even to the other side of our section) and down a few rows, but it just depends on aisle availability. is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

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