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Features & Amenities

Plaza Level seats at the Honda Center are located on the stadium's lower level. These sections are labeled 201-228 and offer a different experience based on the event you're attending.

Plaza Seats for a Hockey Game

When attending a Ducks game in the Plaza Level, the two most important questions are: how close do you want to sit and what kind of view do you want?

Choosing the Best Row

The advantages of sitting closer to the ice are obvious: you're going feel the speed of the game and be completely immersed. However, ticket prices will be higher and you'll have to look through the glass to see the ice.

If you choose to sit in a higher row, you'll have a better chance of seeing over the glass, tickets will be cheaper and you'll have closer access to the concourse.

Choosing a View

Center ice views - like those found in sections 208 and 222 - are the most desirable because they offer comfortable views to both ends. We also like corner sections - especially in an upper row - as another comfortable way to see the ice.

If you're not near center ice, consider who you're cheering for. The Ducks shoot twice towards sections 214-216 and home fans pay a premium to sit on the end. The reverse is true for visiting fans.

Plaza Level Concert Tickets

Besides for Floor Seats, the best concert tickets are located in Plaza sections along the side (e.g.: 206-210). These seats are still close to the stage and are more comfortable than folding chairs offered on the floor.

Concert-goers who don't like side views may be interested in sections on the end like 201 which have a head-on view from the lower level.

Additional Plaza Level Notes

  • For Ducks games, row A are Glass Seats
  • Each section has fewer than twenty rows
    • Most commonly labeled A-S
  • Concourse amenities are located above row S

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Plaza Level Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Great view without the cost of suites"

      (Section 211) - -

      Last row in section where ducks shoot twice. No one behind you. Best vantage point to see ducks goals and see action.

    • "Almost totally obstructed view due to stage equipment "

      (Section 220) - -

      These seats were as far to the side stage as possible at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas concert 2019. We were against the railing with no one to our right and could see more of the roadies and backup equipment than the stage. The stage itself was blocked by speaker stacks, so just sneak peaks of...

    • "Excellent, Fantastic Seats"

      (Section 228) -

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