Honda Center

Terrace Level Side Seating at Honda Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

If you are looking for a more affordable option at an end stage performance, Terrace Level Side sections offer good options which can keep you close to the stage at a fraction of the price. For the best and safest views, search for tickets in sections 413 and 432 which are close to the stage for a traditional configuration while avoiding extreme side angle views.

There are some decent seats to be found in sections 414 and 431, but sitting here comes with the risk of a potential side stage view for a traditional end stage show. Opt for the lower numbered seats in section 414 for the better viewing angles, while the higher numbered seats are best in section 431.

For most end stage shows, seats in sections 415 and 430 will have extreme side viewing angles, making it difficult to see the front of performance. Whenever possible, we recommend looking elsewhere when searching for tickets at a traditional end stage show.

Across the Terrace Level Side sections you will find entry tunnels located at row D, leaving some of the best views and easiest access to those seated in rows A-C.

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    • "Not bad"

      (Section 415) - -

      More impressed than I expected, maybe because the stage jutted out to the middle of the stadium. Clear view of the performers, but just saw the side/back if their heads. Can't really see the screen.

    • "Sitting in section 412 was prety high up."


      But since the venue is smaller every seat is awesome (just dont look down)!!

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