"Worst seats ever, really"

Seat Review From Section 412, Row 4, Seat 6
Aug 2013


The view is really 0 stars out of 5. There are some brutal seats at Fedex Field in the 200 level, but these might be worse than all of them. At least in the 200 level you have some legroom and aren't getting punched in the chest by the railing.

Upon arriving to these seats, I was excited to be on the aisle right by the tunnel. Going to the bathroom and getting concessions was going to be a breeze. That is until I sat down and looked towards the field. You honestly can't see anything on the near side of the field. Nothing. Plus, the railing is about 6 inches from your chest. If you weigh more than 120 pounds, these seats are going to feel claustrophobic. When people in your row get up to leave, you have to exit the row as well. You can't just stand up and let them pass. And for some reason there was constant shuffling in this section.

Ended up walking up to 412 SRO, which were quite awesome and I'd be happy to pay twice as much for than these seats. Do NOT buy seats on the aisle in Row 4 in the endzone. You'll regret it if you do.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you are bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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    Extremely Cramped Behind the Glass

    Sep 2013

    Section 412, Row 4, Seat 6

    My seat was on the aisle and in the first row of the upper portion of section 412, which put me directly behind a huge glass barrier and hand rail. Having the glass barrier just in front significantly limited my legroom, which was certainly uncomfortable being 6 feet tall. I think I would have rather watched the game at home on TV than through the glass and around the handrail, so it didn't take long before I cut my losses and headed to the SRO sections for a less aggravating experience.

    • "High up, but good bird's eye view"

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      The 400 level is pretty high up there which makes the field look pretty small. But from up here you can see the whole field, which isn't true in a lot of 200 level seats. You get a good view of the visitor bench from here too. There are only 16 seats in this row (5-20) and Row 7 is pretty close t...

    • "No view to the near endzone"

      (Section 443) - -

      I watched the scoreboard more than I did the field as the poor height difference between the rows in front of me left the view of the near endzone completely blocked. It was already tough being this high and far from the field, and being shut out from seeing any touchdowns at the near endzone was a...

    • "There are better seats on the 400 level"

      (Section 413) - -

      There's nothing really great about these seats. The view of the visitor sideline is pretty good. There is a glass partition in front which isn't big enough to be an issue. But you have to lean over in your seat to see all of the nearest endzone, which is a pain on passing plays into the endzone. ...

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