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FedExField Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Club Level - The Club Level at Fedex Field offers seats with in-seat food and beverage service (download the Commanders app to order food directly to your seats). ...
  • Dream Seats - Considered by some the best seats at FedEx Field, the Dream Seats are a collection of sections located near field level. Aside from having the cl...
  • Loge Suites - Loge Suites at FedExField are the perfect option for fans who want to enjoy the stadium atmosphere while maintaining a level of privacy. Loge Sui...
  • Suites - FedExField features a number of different Suites options, including: Owner's Club Suites Executive Suites Loge Suites Suites are l...

100 Level Seating

  • 100 Level Seating - Sections 101-142 at FedExField make up the lowest level of seating. Generally speaking, guests will find good views from within 30 rows of the field.&...

200 Level Seating

  • 200 Level Seating - The 200 Level at FedExField contains a combination of the best and worst views for Commanders games and concerts. Best Views in the Stadium ...

400 Level Seating

  • 400 Level Seating - The highest level of seating at FedExField is the 400 Level. This is the best place to find cheap tickets for a Commanders game and other events. ...

400 Level Standing Room Only

400 level sro
  • 400 Level Standing Room Only - Standing Room Only sections on the Upper Level of Fedex Field are located behind the endzones on the highest tier of the stadium. Tickets in these se...

Commanders Sideline & Visitor Sideline

fedex field home sideline
The home sideline at FedEx Field is on the southwest side of the stadium. Here, Maryland is the home team for a college football game.
visitor tunnel
For this college football game, the visitor team entered through the tunnel between sections 113 and 114.
visitor sideline at fedex field
Looking towards the visitor sideline in front of sections 120-122.

Commanders Sideline - The Commanders sideline is in front of Dream Seats 1, Dream Seats 2, Section 41, Section 42 and Section 101

Visitor Sideline - The visiting team sideline is in front of Dream Seats 20, Dream Seats 21, Dream Seats 22, Dream Seats 23 and Section 120

Terrace Tables Seating

  • Terrace Tables Seating - The newest additions to the FedExField Club Level are the Terrace Tables found at the top of select endzone sections. Terrace Table tickets are s...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Covered seating in the 200 level of Fedex Field begins at Row 3 in sections 213-229.
A limited amount of covered seating can be found in the last few rows of the 300 level at FedEx Field.

Only about 15% of all seats at FedExField offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Rows 3 and above in Section 217 are covered
  • Rows 3 and above in Section 214 are covered
  • Rows 3 and above in Section 213 are covered
  • Rows 18 and above in Zone B Club 317 are covered
  • Rows 18 and above in Zone D Club 315 are covered

Obstructed Seating

  • Avoid Row(s) 14-23 in Section(s) 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229 and 230 for Football -

    Obstructed seating at FedEx Field is a major issue for football games. Seeing long passes, kicks and the scoreboards is difficult from 200-level sections on the North side of the field.

    The upper deck hangs over the back part of sections 213-230. Rows 14-23 are the most obstructed and the level of obstruction becomes more severe the farther back you are.

  • Section 219 - Section 219 row 21 seat 4 are obstructed view seats - The seller does not disclose that in his postings on stub hub. These are $29.00 face tickets that he is selling for $150, the same price as much better tickets for the same price.

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

FedExField Seat Views

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

FedEx Field is known for being home to some of the most obstructed views in football, and some will argue that the obstructed areas are even worse than what you might find at Wrigley or Fenway for a baseball game. But as long as you know which spots to avoid, and focus your ticket search on the recommendations below, you can certainly find some excellent options for taking in a football game.

Given the reputation, lets start out by highlighting those obstructed views which are primarily found in the 200 level along the north sideline. Sitting in rows 14 of sections 213-230 puts you at the greatest risk of not only having a support pillar directly in your line of sight, but you will also have to battle the overhang for a view of higher passes, kicks, and punts. Whenever possible, absolutely avoid any seats in rows 14 and up when sitting in the 200 level!

But now we move on to where the best views can be found, and the best place to start is in the upper seating rows of sections 101-103, 119-124, and 140-142. From these sections you get those desirable sideline viewing angles, while still feeling close to the action on the lowest seating tier. Opt for rows 19 and higher and you'll be at a great elevation for being able to see over the players and team personnel along the sidelines, and you're also no more than a 10 row walk from the concourse entry tunnel. Commanders fans will prefer being on the south sideline (101-103 and 140-142) as these are closer to the home team bench, while the visiting team fans will want to opt for north sideline sections 119-124.

We mentioned earlier about the dangers of the 200 level sections at the north sideline, but you can still find some really good views here as long as you rule out anything in rows 8 and higher (stick with rows 7 and under!). These lower row options in sections 219-224 have idyllic seating height for excellent viewing, and as an added bonus you'll be within 6 rows of the concourse tunnel. On the south sideline, the obstruction risk is far reduced as the seating sections do not extend further back than row 6 and have no pillars or overhangs to deal with. For a safe bet that ensures those desirable sideline views at a great elevation, most seats in south sideline sections 201-205 and 238-242 will do the trick.

While most football fans will always seek out those sideline viewing angles which provide equitable endzone to endzone sight lines, don't sleep on some of the options behind the uprights at FedEx Field. At the top of sections 110-112 and 131-133 (rows 20 and higher), you'll get a truly comfortable view of the field that requires little to no head turning at all. The viewing height is superb, you'll be close to the concourse, and you also get the benefit of head on lines of sight to the videoboard at the far end of the field.

Finally, if you're looking for cheap football tickets at FedEx Field and still want a decent view, consider searching in the first three rows of sections 401-402, 426-429, and 453-454. Be aware that these seats are quite high in the stadium, but they do keep you between the 20 yard lines where you get a good viewing experience to both ends of the field. Rows 1-3 will have you below the entry tunnel (which is located just above row 3), for closer proximity and easier access to the seats.

Rows 19-28 in Sections Section 101, Section 102, Section 103 and Section 119

  • Desirable sideline viewing on the lower seating tier
  • Good seating height for being able to see over the sidelines
  • With 10 rows of the concourse entry tunnels

Rows 1-7 in Sections Section 219, Section 220, Section 221 and Section 222

  • Close to midfield with excellent viewing height
  • Avoid the obstructed views when sitting in rows 1-7
  • Easy access to and from the seats

Sections Section 201, Section 202, Section 203 and Section 204

  • Ideal viewing height for watching the game
  • Avoid any obstructions by sticking with the south sideline
  • Fewer rows make for easy access

Rows 20-29 in Sections Section 110, Section 111, Section 112 and Section 131

  • Comfortable straight away views of the field
  • Perfect sight lines to the videoboard at the far endzone
  • Ideal viewing height at the top of the lower seating tier

Rows 1-3 in Sections Section 401, Section 402, Section 426 and Section 427

  • Close positioning to midfield
  • Below the entry tunnel for clearer views
  • Affordable ticket prices on the upper seating tier

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

There might not be a better spot in all of football for an impressive experience than the rightfully named Dream Seats at FedEx Field. Located almost at field level, these sections not only get you closer to the players than you could have imagined, they also come packed with premium benefits for Commanders games. All-inclusive food and beverage, in-seat wait service, and should you be able to talk yourself into leaving your incredible spot right next to the field, you can also access the decked out Club level concourse which is climate controlled for comfort. Dream Seat sections 1-3 and 40-42 will put you right behind the home team sideline, while sections 19-24 have you directly behind the visitors. Tickets will always command top dollar here and although the views of the game might be difficult due to a lack of elevation, the top flight benefits and ridiculous proximity to the players on the sideline are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Want a premium experience but don't have the budget for the Dream Seats? Try searching in the Club level near midfield (sections 301-302, 320-323, and 341-342). You actually get a better view here than the Dream Seats thanks to the optimal viewing height, so these might be a better choice if your guest is a die hard football fan. Close to midfield for great angles to both ends of the field, wider padded seating, in-seat wait service, climate controlled concourse ... the only thing missing is the all-inclusive food and beverage. When possible, opt for rows 1-9 to be in the lower portion of the section (below the entry tunnel found at row 10) where you'll have some of the best views of the field.

If the perks aren't what you're after, try searching for seats right by midfield at the top of the lower seating tier. 50 yard line views are always in high demand as they provide the most equitable all around views when watching a football game, and finding that on the lower level also gives you the excitement of feeling close to the action. Rows 24-28 will put you right at the top of the lower tier, providing great height for watching the game and keeping you within a short walk of all the amenities at the concourse. Sections 101 and 142 are the spots to pick for entertaining a Commanders fan thanks to the closer proximity to the home team sideline, while sections 121 and 122 are the better bet for bringing a visiting team fan.

And while our final spot for impressing your guest at FedEx Field doesn't come with premium bells and whistles or super close proximity, you will still get great views from the comforts of a more relaxed setting. This can be found in the seats near mid field along the 200 level south sideline (sections 201-203 and 240-242). The prime viewing position will earn you some good points with your guest, but the smaller seating sections are what push these over the top and into our list of recommendations. No more than 8 rows of seating allows for easy access to and from, and also creates a smaller, more comfortable environment where you'll be able to carry on a conversation while enjoying the view. Commanders fans will have an added bonus here, as the seats have you perched well for a good view of the near (home team) sideline.

Sections Dream Seats 1, Dream Seats 2, Dream Seats 3 and Dream Seats 19

  • Very close to the field and the players on the sideline
  • Special club level with all inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages and in-seat wait service
  • Some of the very best seats in the stadium

Rows 1-9 in Sections Zone A Club 301, Zone A Club 302, Zone A Club 320 and Zone A Club 321

  • Excellent sight lines near the 50 yard line
  • Ideal viewing height from the Club Level
  • Premium amenities include oversized, padded seats and in-seat wait service

Sections Section 201, Section 202, Section 203 and Section 240

  • Excellent viewing from an ideal height and near midfield
  • Smaller sections with no more than 6 rows of seating in each
  • Incredibly easy to move to and from the seats

Rows 24-28 in Sections Section 101, Section 121, Section 122 and Section 142

  • Close proximity to the field on the lower level
  • Right by the 50 yard line for excellent all around views!
  • Excellent seating height and no more than 5 rows down from the entry tunnel

Best Seats for Kids and Family

With the upper tier of FedEx Field having incredibly steep walkway aisles, you'll want to stick with the lower levels when considering which sections to sit in for a family outing to a football game. Some of our favorite options for families at FedEx Field are the areas that provide a safer environment, convenient access, and comfortable viewing angles.

Among the best options for bringing your crew to a game will be sections 209-212 and 231-234 behind the endzones. From here, you're never more than a 7 row walk from the concourse to the seats and your little ones will get a great straight away view of the videoboard at the far endzone. There isn't much to be said for the overhead coverage, however the comfortable viewing angles requiring little to no head turning to experience all that the game has to offer.

But being able to stay out of inclement weather is always a plus for families at a ball game, and the best spot to do so is along the north sideline in the 200 level sections. Yes, these sections have some of the most obstructed views imaginable when sitting in the upper rows, however if you can strictly focus your search to rows 8-12 only, you will have excellent overhead coverage while avoiding the terrible viewing obstructions. Your crew will be well protected from the elements, and entry tunnels located at the front of the sections are not that far of a walk. Again, just be sure to avoid rows 13 and higher at all costs due to the poor views!

Also worth consider for a family outing at FedEx Field are 200 level corner sections 206-207 and 236-237. Being on the south sideline, you won't have to worry about obstructions but also don't won't get that same great overhead coverage which you can find in select rows of the 200 level sections on the north sideline. Corner seats help a bit more money compared to similar options closer to midfield, and the big draw to these seats when bringing your large group is the incredibly easy access. Each of these sections features no more than 6 rows in each, and the concourse entry tunnel is just beneath the very front row.

Rows 1-6 in Sections Section 209, 210, 211 and 212

  • Comfortable straight away views of the field and videoboards
  • No more than 6 row walk to reach your seats
  • Easy access to and from the concourse

Rows 8-12 in Sections Section 213, Section 214, Section 215 and Section 216

  • Well covered by overhanging seats above offering protection from the weather
  • Low enough to avoid the obstructed views found in rows 13 and higher

Sections Section 206, Section 207, Section 236 and Section 237

  • Small seating sections featuring no more than 6 rows in each allow for easy access
  • Corner positioning keeps ticket prices more affordable
  • On the south sideline where obstructions are far less prevalant

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

For a visiting team fan coming to FedEx Field for a football game, you will want to start off your search by focusing on the areas closest to the visiting team sideline (north sideline). Scoring a seat in sections 120-123 puts you right by midfield, and directly behind the visiting team bench for great views of the players when they're not on the field. Seats in the lower rows here keep you impressively close, but fans should take caution that some of the views may be difficult due to being so low to field level. Sitting higher in the sections (rows 19 and up) will get you the better overall view thanks to the additional elevation, but sacrifices the closer proximity to your team.

Just above the 100 level sections by the visiting team sideline, the lower rows of sections 219-224 are another great spot for fans of the opponents. You'll still feel close to your favorite players on the sideline, and have excellent sideline viewing angles. Just be sure to stick with rows 6 and lower where you'll find the best views and easiest access, and whatever you do, absolutely avoid rows 13 and higher at all costs due to the high likelihood of for viewing obstructions!

Should you find yourself working with a generous budget and want the end-all be-all of ultimate seats for a visiting team fan, look no further than Dream Seat sections 13-23. Loaded with premium benefits and being as close as it gets, these tickets are always among the priciest of all for football games at FedEx Field. Sideline Dream Seat sections 18-23 keep you right behind the opponent sideline, while Dream Seat sections 13, 14, and 17 put you right by the visiting team entry tunnel for a better chance at getting a high five. Even though the Dream Seats offer a truly incredible all around experience, be aware that the views are difficult when in one of the sideline options due to being so low to the field and behind the players.

If being near the team entry tunnel is something you enjoy as a visiting team fan, but you don't have the unlimited budget needed for a Dream Seat, consider searching in sections 113-114. The visitor's entry tunnel is located directly between these two sections, and fans in rows 8 and lower will have the best views of the players as they move between the field and the locker room. During the game, these seats will also provide a unique viewing angle down the visitors sideline allowing to keep tabs on your team at all times. Similarly, the lower rows (1-6) of sections 212-217 offer those unique views to the entry tunnel and the opponent sideline, but being a bit further up these seats will be more affordable. Again, just be sure to avoid any seat in rows 13 and higher when sitting in the 200 level!

Sections Section 120, Section 121, Section 122 and Section 123

  • Impressively close to the visiting team sideline
  • Desirable lower level sideline viewing perspective between the 20 yard lines

Sections Dream Seats 13, Dream Seats 14, Dream Seats 17 and Dream Seats 18

  • No seat gets you closer to the visiting team players along the sideline!
  • Truly a one of a kind experience in the ultra-premium Dream Seats

Sections Section 113 and Section 114

  • Right by the visiting team entry tunnel!
  • Unique views down the visitors sideline

Rows 1-7 in Sections 212, 213, 214 and 215

  • Good viewing angle down the opponent sideline
  • Not far from the visiting team entry tunnel
  • Safely in front of any obstruction in the first 6 rows

Rows 1-6 in Sections Section 219, Section 220, Section 221 and Section 222

  • Midfield views along the visitor's sideline
  • At rows 1-6 you'll be safely in-front of the 200 level viewing obstructions
  • Optimal seating height for following the action on the field

FedExField Seating Reviews

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    Section 125, Row 6, Seats 18-19
  • "Worst seats ever, really" - - The view is really 0 stars out of 5. There are some brutal seats at Fedex Field in the 200 level, bu...
    Section 412, Row 4, Seat 6
  • "Great place to just hang out during the game" - - "The SRO sections on the upper deck are located behind the end zones and are on four levels of stall...
    441 SRO, Row 13
  • "Sit lower if you can" - - It feels like you're sitting in the heavens so far up, but the seats are far from heavenly. Row 27 i...
    Section 402, Row 27, Seat 27
    Dream Seats 23, Row 2, Seats 5,6
  • "Get here early to see warmups!" - - If you're sitting here, get here early so you can see the Redksins warmup before the game. Even thou...
    Section 110, Row 4, Seat 20
  • "Good choice for bringing the family" - - Located close to the entry tunnel and in the lower portion of section 239, seats here would be a gre...
    Section 239, Row 5, Seat 13
  • "Pretty Cool Seats" - - Standing Room Only in the 400 level of a football stadium? Gotta be terrible, right? Wrong! these ma...
    416 SRO, Row 11
  • "Zone Club Seats" - - It was a blazing hot day and there were two distinct advantages in having these seats. First, th...
    Zone B Club 338, Row 14
  • "Feels Like You're in a Warehouse" - - You can pretty much see the whole field from these seats. You can see field goals come down on this ...
    Section 213, Row 18, Seat 27
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    behind the endzone at FedEx Field
    sideline seating at FedEx Field
    standing area at fedex field
    The view from the new standing area on the west side of the stadium.