"You Can See Whole Field*"

Seat Review From Section 230, Row 19
Sep 2018


*Tunnel vision.

These have to be the worst seats in the NFL. The sound is about twice as loud as it should be, you can't see passes or kicks and this is called the Stomping Zone, whatever that means. Sit somewhere else!

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    Cover Sucks

    Dec 2014

    Section 230, Row 21

    Whoever designed the sections under the covers should be ashamed. The cover hangs down so far that you cannot see the entire end zone, field goal and score board. One large speaker blocks the view even more. It's obvious they are just trying to pack people in. Once fans stand up to cheer you can't see hardly anything. The low number rows of this section would be fine, anything past row 14 is NOT.

    Endzone seat, decent view

    Sep 2018

    Section 230, Row 5, Seat 18

    I was seated in section 230 behind the east end zone and the seat was decent. I could see the entire field which was great, but when the action moved to the west side of the field it was hard to see the action, but when it was on the my side of the field it was awesome!

    • "Seats on risers at the top of Section 131"

      (Section 131) - -

      The seats were on a metal riser structure just behind the rest of section 131, and looked like it was put in after the stadium was constructed but wanted to put in additional seats. Other than being on an odd structure, the seats looked very similar to what was available in the normal part of the s...

    • "Last row but not"

      (Section 132) - -

      The 200 level starts a row behind. There is no pathway. The best part of these seats is that they're right near the aisle and tunnel.

    • "Lower endzone seats decently close to the field"

      (Section 112) -