"Last row but not"

Seat Review From Section 132, Row 28, Seat 4
Sep 2018


The 200 level starts a row behind. There is no pathway. The best part of these seats is that they're right near the aisle and tunnel.

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    Close views and quick access to the concourse

    Sep 2013

    Section 132, Row 28

    Sitting behind the uprights was a fun place to watch the game, and makes you feel very close to all the action when the players are at the near endzone. The uprights don’t really present a challenge to the view at all, and I could tell pretty soon after a kick whether it was staying true or about to sail wide. The scoreboard at the other end of the field is in a great position for viewing from here, as I was pretty much head on with the center.

    • "Feels Like You're in a Warehouse"

      (Section 213) - -

      You can pretty much see the whole field from these seats. You can see field goals come down on this side, though you can't see them at all on the other end. You can't see the big videoboards at all, but there are small TV monitors to help you out. This row is covered from above which is good on a...

    • "Endzone seat, decent view"

      (Section 230) - -

      I was seated in section 230 behind the east end zone and the seat was decent. I could see the entire field which was great, but when the action moved to the west side of the field it was hard to see the action, but when it was on the my side of the field it was awesome!

    • "Lower endzone seats decently close to the field"

      (Section 112) -