"5 Stars"

Seat Review From Section 113, Row 14, Seats 9-10
Oct 2017

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    • "Great Spot!"

      (Section 231) - -

      This is the lower end, but these are great seats because nobody walks in front of you and nobody can sneak into your seat. The whole section is cordoned off from the other parts of the field so it's like a private area to watch. Most of the other fans are season ticket holders---really enthusiasti...

    • "Lower endzone seats decently close to the field"

      (Section 112) -
    • "Endzone seat, decent view"

      (Section 230) - -

      I was seated in section 230 behind the east end zone and the seat was decent. I could see the entire field which was great, but when the action moved to the west side of the field it was hard to see the action, but when it was on the my side of the field it was awesome!