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Standing Room Only sections on the Upper Level of Fedex Field are located behind the endzones on the highest tier of the stadium. Tickets in these sections do not include seats, but do reserve your spot in the standing room only areas which feature a railing to lean on while watching the game.

There are 4 tiers in each SRO section, starting at Row 8 on the first tier, Rows 9-10 in the second tier, Rows 11-12 in the third tier, and Rows 13-14 in the fourth and highest tier. Row 8 features only a single railing to lean against while all other rows have a railing and a thin ledge for setting down your food and beverages.

If you don't mind standing, these seats are a great option for socializing during the game.

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  • 413 SRO, Row 10
    100/100 Deal Rating
    November 20 - Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins
  • 442 SRO, Row 11
    99/100 Deal Rating
    December 19 - Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins
  • 412 SRO, Row 14
    95/100 Deal Rating
    November 13 - Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins
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Showing tickets for Nov 13 - Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins

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