Daily's Place Amphitheater

Daily's Place Amphitheater Concourse Seating


Sitting Here for a Concert

The first balcony level at Daily's Place Ampitheater is known as the Concourse Level. It consists of nine different sections, and there's several different views to choose from.

Each section only goes up to row F, so the Concourse level is a great option for a guaranteed unobstructed view. While those sitting in the 200 level may have to deal with fans walking back and forth throughout the performance, the concourse level is very calm and is a perfect place to watch the show.

Some fans have complained about the sound quality on this level, but we found the acoustics to be just fine. Since there's only a few rows in each section, you can't really go wrong with any seat on the concourse.   - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Solid upper level view, but I'd prefer to be closer to the middle."

      (Concourse 9) -
    • "Solid upper level view, but I'd prefer to be closer to the middle"

      (Concourse 9) - -

      We liked sitting here - the section is only a few rows, so it was nice to have somewhat of a private viewing area. However, next time, I would prefer to be closer to the middle of this level. The view from these seats isn't bad, but being all the way in the corner got annoying.

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