Credit Union 1 Arena

"Lower rows are Better"

Seat Review From Section 214, Row M, Seats 3-4
Nov 2019

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    Even though we were in the last row, I was surprised how much the ceiling came down instead of up. This created a very awkward and restrictive view. The stage isn't obstructed, but you feel enclosed. If I had to guess the lower rows of the upper level did not experience this as much.

    The best seats are definitely on the floor or in the lower level, but I decided to go with the cheap seats, so I can't complain!

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      (Section 215) - -

      Credit Union 1 Arena is a good place to see mid-tier artists. It gives an arena feel without being very big. These seats had a slight angle to the stage and one of the speakers blocked the majority of the stage behind it which was annoying. I would have much rather sat in the upper level centered ...

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