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The CIBC Theater Balcony consists of four sections labeled Left, Left Center, Right Center and Right. Odd-numbered seats are in one of the Left sections and even-numbered sections are on the Right. These seats are typically the cheapest tickets for shows at the CIBC Theater.

The Balcony is split up into Front and Rear sub-sections where rows A-F are in the Front and rows G-Q are in the Rear. Views from the Front Balcony are far superior to views from the Rear Balcony where poles obstruct and limit views at rows G and above. Shorter people will also want to avoid Row A where the safety wall and railing can make it difficult to see the front of the stage.

Access to the Balcony requires at least three sets of stairs. Elderly people and those with ambulatory issues are encouraged to seek seats on one of the lower levels. If you have your mind made up on the Balcony, do your best to avoid rows G and higher. These seats require an extra set of stairs and will also force you to walk down a steep set of stairs (without a railing) to reach your seat.

Support beams are found in the aisle between each section. As a result, seats near the end of a row may have their view partially blocked by a pole. While it won't completely ruin your experience, this annoyance can be avoided by purchasing tickets in the Front Balcony.

Overall, the Balcony provides some of the best ticket deals for seeing shows at the CIBC Theater. Just be sure to temper your expectations if you are purchasing tickets in one of the highest rows of the balcony.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Limited View Due to the Pole"

      (Balcony Right Center) - -

      There is a pole in Row G which is what obstructs the view here. You can see about two-thirds of the stage without any issue. But the other side is more of a challenge. Besides for the view, the biggest issue is the steepness of the stairs. First, to get to the balcony is a hike up. Then, to acce...

    • "Yikesssss"

      (Balcony Right Center) - -

      This theater is terrible, I felt like I’m a mile in the air. This makes the term nose bleed seem insufficient.

    • "Hamilton - Oct 1, 2019"

      (Balcony Left Center) - -

      Balcony Left Center Row D seats were very good. No obstructive view. Could see the entire stage and was not bad looking slightly down on the performers.

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