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Balcony Seating

  • Balcony Seating - The CIBC Theater Balcony consists of four sections labeled Left, Left Center, Right Center and Right. Odd-numbered seats are in one of the Left sectio...

Dress Circle Seating

  • Dress Circle Seating - The Dress Circle is located just one level above the Orchestra. There are five sections that make up this location: Right, Right Center, Center, Left...

Mezzanine Seating

  • Mezzanine Seating - The Mezzanine at CIBC theater is the third level of seating. Besides the Orchestra level, these sections have the largest seating capacity when compa...

Orchestra Seating

  • Orchestra Seating - Orchestra seating at the CIBC theater is the ground floor seating and is on level with the stage. The Orchestra is divided into three seated sections:...

CIBC Theater Seat Views

CIBC Theater Seating Reviews

  • "Not as bad as I thought it would be!" - - When I got my tickets it said that it was a limited view seat, so I was expecting the worse, but I w...
    Orchestra Left, Row ZZ, Seat 11
  • "Upper Walkway Blocked" - - Anything higher than about 15 feet is blocked by the overhanging mezzanine level. There wasn't a lo...
    Dress Circle Right Center, Row G, Seat 232
  • "Not Great" - - This seat is obstructed by a pole and an overhang. The over hang blocks the top 15% of the stage an...
    Orchestra Right, Row X, Seat 6
  • "Limited View Due to the Pole" - - There is a pole in Row G which is what obstructs the view here. You can see about two-thirds of the ...
    Balcony Right Center, Row K, Seat 408
  • "Chicago - The Musical - Jan 21, 2023" - - The view had a pole to the left and the overhang limited seeing up stage significantly. We could not...
    Dress Circle Right Center, Row G   Verified Customer
  • "Third row of this section, corner seat allowing easy access to move about, although small chunk of left stage view was cut off by a wall." - - This seat was in a fairly decent position, about third row from the balcony ledge, on the left corne...
    Mezzanine Left, Row C, Seat 17
  • "Great View!!" - - Great view of the stage except that you can't see anything from the top right side of the balcony. ...
    Mezzanine Right, Row D, Seat 14
  • "Hamilton - Oct 1, 2019" - - Balcony Left Center Row D seats were very good. No obstructive view. Could see the entire stage and ...
    Balcony Left Center, Row D   Verified Customer
  • "Yikesssss" - - This theater is terrible, I felt like I’m a mile in the air. This makes the term nose bleed seem i...
    Balcony Right Center, Row P, Seat 428
  • "Best Seats In House, Easily" - - You get what you pay for. Which for this, it is indeed true. We loved it.
    Dress Circle Center, Row A, Seats 201-202
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    • How many rows in each section at CIBC Theater?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

    Other Photos From CIBC Theater

    cibc theater chicago suites
    Looking towards the Theater Suites.
    theatre suites entrace
    The Theatre Suites private entrace.
    All seating levels at CIBC Theater
    There are four levels of seating at the CIBC Theater. Each level of seating will have some seating that has obstructed views.

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