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Sitting Here for a Show

The Dress Circle is located just one level above the Orchestra. There are five sections that make up this location: Right, Right Center, Center, Left Center, and Left. When comparing to the other levels, the sections within the Dress Circle are definitely the smallest with every section being 8 rows or less. With the Mezzanine directly overhead the small sections and low ceiling create a more enclosed, intimate theater going experience.

When it comes to the views, the Dress Circle has some of the best. We recommend rows A-D to be in front of support beams and the Mezzanine overhang above. These seats in the front of the section are the perfect height and distance from the stage to take in everything from the performance.

Although this level has some of the best seats, that doesn't mean it is free of seats with obstructed views. The main obstruction comes from the Mezzanine above which hinders the view of anything happening above stage level. To avoid this, look for seats in row E or below. Dress R and Dress L can also contain obstructed views. If sitting here, you can lose sight of some action deep in the corners toward the back of the stage.

There is only way to come in and out of the Dress Circle level and that is by a staircase located behind the Orchestra. Theater-goers who have a hard time with steps should be cautious before purchasing tickets in these sections because they are not easily accessible via an elevator like others. There are also no restrooms on this level, so it can be a struggle to make it down to the restrooms and back during the intermission period.  -

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    • "Upper Walkway Blocked"

      (Dress Circle Right Center) - -

      Anything higher than about 15 feet is blocked by the overhanging mezzanine level. There wasn't a lot that happened up there that I felt like I missed out on though. That combined with the rows in front of you in the view becomes a narrow sliver in relation to the size of the theater. This seat is ...

    • "Hamilton - Jul 27, 2019"

      (Dress Circle Right Center) - -

      Limited seeing the top of stage.

    • "Best Seats In House, Easily"

      (Dress Circle Center) - -

      You get what you pay for. Which for this, it is indeed true. We loved it.

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