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Beacon Theatre Lower Balcony Seating


Sitting Here for a Concert

From the lower balcony fans are treated to a smaller more intimate seating environment, with a good elevation to see down to the stage. While upper balcony seats feel high and far from the performance, the seats on the lower balcony will keep fans feeling like a part of the action. Lower balcony sections have just 5 lettered rows of seating in each section, running from Row A (front) to Row E (back).  -

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    • "Occasionaly Great Sight Lines ;-)"

      (Lower Balcony 4) - -

      Other than the fact that a man with the largest head this side of a T Rex, sat down in front of us, and wagged that fossil back and forth all night, our seats were terrific. Under normal circumstances, these are great seats.

    • "Good sight lines"

      (Lower Balcony 4) -
    • "Kansas - Dec 14, 2019"

      (Lower Balcony 2) - -

      Really nice location. The only negative was that when the performers walked to the very front of the stage I could not see them. Sound was good and the staff at the venue were very kind and helpful.

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