Alamodome Upper Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

With Final Four ticket prices becoming more and more expensive, sideline sections on the upper level are becoming more and more desirable. These sections won't give you an up-close view like the 100 level, but you'll have an unobstructed siteline that is far more comfortable than what corner and end sections provide (even corner and end sections in the lower levels).

When looking at tickets in these sections, we recommend prioritizing a low row over being close to center court. These sections are fairly large (more than 25 rows), so being close to the tunnel can limit your walk up and down the stairs. Especially if you are attending both sessions of Final Four Saturday, you can expect to get up a few times. Not having to walk 20 rows of stairs each time you need to go to the concourse will save your knees and save you time.  -

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