Alamodome Field Seats for Concerts

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When looking at the Alamodome seating chart for concerts, the stage is usually set up on the South end of the stadium. The closest seats to the stage are the Field Seats that sit directly at field level. These sections can be reserved or general admission.

Reserved Field/Floor Sections

Most reserved field sections are labeled with a letter (e.g.: A) or a letter with a number (e.g.: A1). Seats in these sections will be assigned with a section, row and seat.

Guests in reserved sections will have a folding chair to sit on - though that doesn't mean everyone will sit. If you're concerned about seeing over other guests, avoid Field Seats (or purchase tickets in a close row).

General Admission Tickets

Many shows at the Alamodome have one or more general admission sections. Tickets in one of these sections gives you access to a specific field section - but that section does not include seats and spaces within the section are un-assigned.

The most common labels for General Admission (GA) sections are GA Floor, GA Field and GA Pit.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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