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    • Backstreet BoysJun 7
    • Hall and OatesOct 1
    • Alanis MorissetteOct 5
    • Matchbox TwentyOct 7
    • Pet Shop Boys and New Order2 Shows
    • Andrea BocelliOct 24
    • RussMay 5
    • Steely Dan with Steve WinwoodMay 27

    Hollywood Bowl Seating Chart

    Hollywood Bowl Seating Chart

    Hollywood Bowl seating charts vary by performance. This chart represents the most common setup for concerts at Hollywood Bowl, but some sections may be removed or altered for individual shows. Check out the seating chart for your show for the most accurate layout.

    Seating Chart With Row Numbers

    Hollywood Bowl seating chart with rows

    Hollywood Bowl Seat Numbers

    In the pool circle in front all seats start from the right. Pool A and E is 1-10, pool B, C, and D is seat 1-14.
    In the garden and terrace area seats start from the right, there are seats in small boxes. The seats range from either 1 to 2 or 3 to 4 depending on which section you are in.

    In the middle section area, section F3 and K3 range from 1-42 starting from the right Section K2 starts from the right and is 101-118. Section K1 starts from left from 2-38. Section J2 starts from right from 1-41. Section J1 starts from left from 2-34. Section H starts from right from 101-115. Section G1 starts from right from 1-33. Section G2 starts from left is 2-44. Section F1 starts from right is 1-43. Section F2 starts from right from 101-120.

    Behind this area, section L3 starts from left from 2-38. L2 starts from right 101-120. L1 starts from right 1-57. M3 starts from left 1-23. M2 from right 101-122. M1 from right 1-45. N1 from left 2-44. N2 from right 101-122. N3 from right 1-27. P1 is 2-58 from left. P2 is 101-122 from right. P3 is from right 1-39.

    Behind this area, Q3 starting from left from 2-24. Q2 from right 101-112. Q1 from right is 1-41. R2 from left 2-40. R1 is 1-49 from right. S is 101-125 from right. T1 is from left 2-50. T2 is from right 1-37. U1 is from left 2-42. U2 is from right 101-118. U3 is from right 1-23.

    Sections in very back, V2 from left 2-28. V1 from right 1-13. W3 from left 2-50. W2 from right 101-126. W1 from right 1-49. X1 is 2-14 from left. X2 is 1-27 from right.

    Seating Charts for Upcoming Shows

    Jun 7, 2021 at 7:30 PM

    Backstreet Boys (Rescheduled from 10/9/2020)

    Backstreet Boys seating chart Hollywood Bowl
    Oct 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM

    Hall and Oates (Rescheduled from 5/29/2020)

    Hall and Oates seating chart Hollywood Bowl
    Oct 7, 2021 at 7:30 PM

    Matchbox Twenty (Rescheduled from 9/28/2020)

    Matchbox Twenty seating chart Hollywood Bowl
    Multiple Dates

    Pet Shop Boys and New Order

    Pet Shop Boys and New Order seating chart Hollywood Bowl
    May 5, 2022 at 8:00 PM

    Russ (Rescheduled from 5/8/2020, 5/6/2021)

    Russ seating chart Hollywood Bowl

    Event Schedule