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Mariners Dugout & Visitor Dugout

Mariners Dugout - The Mariners players sit in front of 121, 122, 123 and 124
Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of 136, 137, 138 and 139

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor dugouts.

See Also: Best Seats for Visiting Fans at T-Mobile Park

Alcohol-Free Family Section

No alcoholic beverages may be sold or brought into this section.

Recommended Seats for Impressing a Guest

Sections Diamond Club 25, Diamond Club 27, Diamond Club 33 and Diamond Club 35

  • Amazing views from right behind home plate
  • Access to the Diamond Club with buffet and full bar
  • In-seat wait service allows viewers to receive refreshments without leaving their seats

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Impressing a Guest.

Recommended Seats for Partying and Socializing

Sections 330, 331, 332 and 333

  • Close to a lot of alcohol vendors on the upper level
  • There is an overhang to protect from a lot of the sun and precipitation
  • Ticket prices in the lower tier on the upper level, can spend more on alcohol

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Partying and Socializing.

Highest Rated Seating Zones

  • Diamond Club - - Diamond Club seating at Safeco Field is located directly behind home plate. Each of the four sections has just 8 rows of seat...
  • Suites - - The suites at T-Mobile Park are located between the first and third baselines behind the 200 level seats. Some of the ameniti...
  • All Star Club -
  • Terrace Club Infield - - Terrace Club Infield seats are located at press level and will give you a great view of the field. Unfortunately, there are n...
  • Field Level Infield - - Infield seating closest to the field is made up of sections 119-141. The Mariners dugout is in front of sections 121-124, whi...
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Seating Tips & Advice

  • "1st base line, section 117." - Right next to Mariner dugout, right next to Ichiro in right field... a good place to catch a foul ball.
  • "Seats Behind Home Plate Give Best View of Scoreboard" - Choose seats behind home plate to get the best view of the 200-foot wide Safeco Field video board.

Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Great view, minus the railing" - - The only downside to this seat is the railing that partially blocks the first base line. There are o...
    Section 328, Row 9, Seat 1
  • "Amazing view" - - Right behind home plate, just a bit toward the 3rd base (visitors) dugout. You have a chance to get ...
    Section 131, Row 26, Seat 11
  • "Great view but poor seats" - - Fantastic stadium. The upper (view) deck has a great view but these seats are small. Cramped. We're ...
    Section 339, Row 7, Seats 3-4
  • "Good view when you can see the field" - - The fans use the stairs to the left for continuous movement to the food vendors so the view from the...
    Section 321, Row 16, Seats 23/24
  • "Great seats!" - - A great view of the field, not too high up at all. Lots of foul balls in our area. Great view of Sea...
    Section 325, Row 2, Seat 8
  • "Great view" - - The view from the second row, even from the 3rd deck was great. The angle was a little strange for ...
    Section 328, Row 2, Seat 5
  • "Great seat!" - - Row is up on a rise so no issue with knee room, comfortable for anyone with long legs. Good view of ...
    Section 144, Row 41A, Seat 1
  • "Close" - - These are close but not on top of the field. Afternoon game (1:10 start) on July 12th. We were in ...
    Section 137, Row 28, Seats 8-12
  • "Nice and Shady" - - It was a very hot day, but this section was in the shade the whole afternoon. The seats have a bird...
    Section 333, Row 17, Seat 7
  • "Love these seats!" - - We could see the field and the screen excellent! The only area we couldn't see was right in the left...
    Section 108, Row 6, Seats 9-17
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