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Section 339 Seating Notes

  • For baseball games, we recommend rows 1-10 for outstanding convenience
  • Related Seating: View Level

Row & Seat Numbers

  • Rows in Section 339 are labeled 1-25
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 5
  • have 23 seats labeled 1-23
  • have 20 seats labeled 1-20
  • has 18 seats labeled 1-18
  • All Seat Numbers
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 339 Reviews

    Great view but poor seats

    May 2016

    Baseball Review
    Section 339, Row 7, Seats 3-4

    Fantastic stadium. The upper (view) deck has a great view but these seats are small. Cramped. We're not fat. As the center guy, I sat pinched. If I leaned forward while the other two leaned back, we could fit. Otherwise, no. Plus the seats are next to the entrance and everyone under age 30 beyond us came and went, came and went, came and went. Never again. Pay more, get full-sized seats.

    • View Level


      On the T-Mobile Park seating chart, the View Level is made up of sections 306-347. These are typically the cheapest tickets for a Mariners game, but guests can also find some outstanding views of the game and the surrounding area.   View Level sections have 25 rows of seats with an entrance at row 5. We're a big fan of rows 1-4 where you'll get the best views and be just below the section entrance.   Infield Sections    Fans on a budget will enjoy infield seating in the upper deck at T-Mobile Park. Sections 328-333 will give you a home plate view of the field, a head-on view of the center field scoreboard and a look to the left will show you the Seattle skyline.   Sections Down the Line    For baseball games, the farther you are from home plate, the worse your view will be. The opposite is true for concerts.   Though incredibly far from home plate, Section 313 is near men's and women's restrooms, the Landing Bar and ice cream -- not to mention it offers a great view of the skyline.   Though they are well protected from the sun, Rows 15 and above should be avoided if you have issues with steep stairs.   Seats on the first-base side of the field will have the best view of the skyline.   Outfield Sections View Level seats in the Outfield are made up of sections 306-310. These seats are well-protected by the retractable roof (even when it's open), but incredibly far away from home plate. Great for grabbing a beer and casually watching baseball, but not great for seeing detail or the scoreboard. 

    • For Baseball - Recommended For Outstanding Convenience


      These seats were hand-selected for being close to a wide-range of amenities. They are within five rows of the concourse (fewer stairs) and there is a men’s restroom, women’s restroom and concessions near this section.

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Nice and Shady"

      (Section 333) - -

      It was a very hot day, but this section was in the shade the whole afternoon. The seats have a bird's eye view of the field along the 3rd base line.

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