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In The Action Seats

blue jays first base action seats
The First Base Action Seats at Rogers Centre are located at the front of Section 116.
third base action seats
The Third Base Action Seats at Rogers Centre are located on the field at the front of section 127.
  • First and Third Base Action seats are located in row AA of sections 115, 116, 127 and 128. These seats come with all of the benefits and amenities as Home Plate Action seats.
  • Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2021, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

Non-Alcohol Section (First 14 Rows)

  • No alcohol may be brought into or consumed within Aisles 237L, 238R, 516L and 517R during Blue Jays games.

Blue Jays Dugout & Visitor Dugout

The dugouts at Rogers Centre are located closer to home plate than at any other MLB stadium. Seen here is the visitor dugout in front of sections 117-119.

Blue Jays Dugout - The Blue Jays players sit in front of 124, 125 and 126
Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of 117, 118 and 119

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor dugouts.

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Other Popular Seating Areas

  • Action Seats - - The best seats at the Rogers Centre for a Jays game are The Action Seats down each baseline and behind home plate. The sectio...
  • Field Level Infield - - Among the best seats at Rogers Centre are infield seats at field level. Sections 119-124 are located behind home plate and of...
  • 200 Level Infield - - 200 Level Infield seats have up to 13 rows in each section. Because of the shape of the lower bowl, these seats are pushed ba...
  • Sightlines Restaurant - - Sightlines is a seating area located in center field at Rogers Centre. This area is split up into five sections of seats set ...
  • More Seating Areas

Recommended Seats for Kids and Family

Sections 237, 238, 516 and 517

  • Designated alcohol-free areas
  • Aisles 237L, 238R, 517R and 516L do not allow alchohol
  • These sections were designed to be family-friendly.

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Kids and Family.

Best Seats for Impressing a Guest

The Rogers Centre offers a few distinct seating options for impressing a guest. Whether you're surprising someone with a gift, entertaining a client or simply want an upscale experience at a Jays game, the dome offers something for everyone.

For the most discerning fan the Blue Jays offer "In the Action" seats that get you as close to the game as possible. These seats are located at three different spots in the lower level and are among the most difficult tickets to obtain. They are rarely available for sale - and when they are, they don't last for long. Action seats on the first and third base side are adjacent to their respective dugout and jut out onto the field - nearly separate from the rest of the lower bowl. While most seats at the Rogers Centre are pushed back from the field, this is as close as you can get. Home plate action seats also come out onto the field and fans in these seats are often shown on television. Besides for a surreal experience from field level, these seats include wait service and all-inclusive food and drink.

For a less expensive experience close to field level, consider sections 125 and 126. Given their location directly above the Blue Jays dugout, these are sure to make any Toronto fan happy. Aim for rows 8-17 where you'll be within 10 rows of the dugout and have a chance to receive a ball from the players as they head back to the bench.

If you're looking for upscale amenities but don't mind being a little farther away from the field, consider the Clubhouse seats on the 200 level behind home plate. With a lack of club seating options available, these seats are in high-demand for their excellent views, wait service and club access. The club offers fans another place to hang out, along with a reservation-only restaurant with a highly-regarded wine selection. With the exception of the ultra-expensive Action Seats, the Clubhouse seats are widely regarded as the best seats at the Rogers Centre and appeal to just about every fan.

Another consideration for impressing a guest is a reservation at the Sightlines restaurant in center field. With home plate about 500 feet away, you can let the game fall into the back-drop as you get down to business.

Sections 222, 223, 224A and 224B

  • Great elevated view of the action from behind home plate
  • Tickets come with exclusive amenities for being on the club level
  • These amenities include padded seats and in-seat wait service

Rows 1-2 in Sections 120, 121, 122 and 123

  • Once-in-a-lifetime seating located at field level
  • High likelihood of being on TV behind home plate
  • All-inclusive amenities and in-seat wait service as part of the Action Seats

Rows 8-14 in Sections 125 and 126

  • Located just above the Blue Jays dugout
  • As close to the players as you can get in non-club seating
  • Less sunny side of the field

Best Seats for Visiting Team Fans

Owing to its status as one of North America's largest cities and its ease of accessibility from the northeast, Toronto is a popular summer-time destination for visiting baseball fans. The Rogers Centre is located in the entertainment district of Toronto which features a number of hotels, restaurants and other non-baseball activities. You can easily take in a Jays game, exit the stadium and be on with your next adventure in a matter of minutes.

While Toronto has a sterling reputation as a host city, the Rogers Centre is rather lacking when it comes to wowing out-of-town guests. Perhaps the most appealing aspects of the park to visiting fans are the restaurant and hotel in center-field. The Renaissance Toronto Downtown is literally built into the outfield at the Rogers Centre. A number of rooms have large windows that over-look the field of play. And you don't just get a glimpse of the action - these rooms are located directly above the 500 level seating deck in the outfield with clear views of most of the park. The Sightlines Restaurant is another popular destination for visiting guests. The restaurant offers buffet dining with seats facing home plate. Reservations can be made through the Rogers Centre.

If you're looking for a more traditional way of seeing your favorite team play the Blue Jays, you'll want to start by looking at tickets close to the visiting dugout and bullpen. The visiting team dugout is on the first base side of the field in front of sections 117L-119R. Rogers Centre sections use a left-right designation where an aisle splits each section in half. So while 117L and 119R are behind the dugout, 117R and 119L are adjacent to the dugout and not behind.

Another consideration for visiting fans is to be near the bullpen in right field. Sections 105-107 are located above the visiting team bullpen with the front rows of these sections having the best look at the pitchers as they warm up. In most ballparks these would also be ideal home-run seats. Unfortunately, the bullpens are quite large and steal a large number of would-be souvenirs.

If you're looking to grab a drink before the game, consider the WestJet Flight Deck in center field. This is a general admission standing room area that is open to all fans with a game ticket. The area provides drink rails so you can grab a cold one from the nearby bar and enjoy it while watching batting practice. This area gets incredibly crowded - especially on the weekends - so it's best to arrive when gates open and then head towards your seats a few minutes before first pitch. On your way, consider stopping by one of the Gourmet Frites stands on the 200 or 500 level. Among all of the food at the Rogers Centre, a calorie-laced poutine is most likely to please first-time visitors.

Rows 8-17 in Sections 117, 118 and 119

  • Within ten rows of the visiting team dugout
  • Good angle towards the field with quality sitelines

Rows 1-5 in Sections 105, 106 and 107

  • Situatedjust above the visitor bullpen
  • Located near the Brew House in Section 108
  • Easy access to/from the Flight Deck - a popular standing room area in center field

Sections 219, 220 and 221

  • Fan-favorite gourmet frites stand is located at section 220
  • Excellent views from the 200 level without paying the high cost of a Clubhouse seat
  • Great views of the visiting team players as they enter/exit the dugout

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field

As one of the few multi-purpose venues still hosting Major League Baseball, the Rogers Centre is enormous by today's ballpark standards. The home of the Blue Jays holds more than 50,000 guests and is the 7th oldest ballpark in the major leagues. Because of its original purpose as a multi-use facility, the Rogers Centre does not offer the best views for baseball games. Like the Oakland Coliseum, the stadium is characterized by poor sitelines to home plate and fans pushed back too far from the field. Continue reading to find our top picks for the best views at a Blue Jays game.

As with most ballparks, the best views at the Rogers Centre are found directly behind home plate. Not only will you have the most comfortable view of the field, you'll also have a head-on view of the large videoboard in center field. The best-of-the-best are Clubhouse sections 222-226 on the second seating deck.These seats offer an unobstructed view of the entire field, the right amount of elevation and additional amenities for being club seats.

Other home plate seating is found on the 100 and 500 levels. On the lower level, you'll do well in just about any row - though we recommend row 20 and above for more comfortable views and to cut down on your walk up to the concourse. In the upper level it's worth it to spend a few extra dollars to be in the lowest row possible. Multiple rings of suites circle the stadium between 200 and 500 level seats. As a result, even the front rows of the 500 level seem incredibly high up. We like rows 3-5 the best where you're close to the section entrance and the railing in front of row 1 is unobtrusive.

While home plate seats on the 200 level offer the absolute best views, above average views can be found throughout much of the second second seating deck. Unlike the 500 level sections that are simply too high up, these seats are located at just the right height for seeing a baseball game comfortably. Unfortunately - like most seating at the dome - they're pushed back too far from the field. These seats are better known for their comfortable views than close proximity. To feel a little closer to the field, choose a seat in one of the first four rows. You'll have a longer walk up the stairs to the concourse, but you'll feel much closer to the game.

Additional considerations for finding the best views include the following:

  • Seats down the first base line are heavily exposed to the sun when the roof is open - avoid these seats or make sure to bring a hat and sunglasses if seated here
  • Seating between the dugouts provide the best sitelines - and seating down the foul lines provide the worst - a home run seat will be cheaper and more comfortable than a seat down the line

Rows 20-32 in Sections 119, 120, 121 and 122

  • Amazing views from right behind home plate on the lower level
  • Rows 20 and above offer good elevation for seeing the field and being close to the concourse
  • Head-on view of the videoboard in center-field

Sections 222, 223, 224A and 224B

  • Best views in the ballpark
  • Excellent spot with elevation from behind home plate
  • Club level amenities, including wait service keep you in your seats to watch the game

Rows 3-5 in Sections 521, 522, 523 and 524A

  • Birds eye view of the stadium with head-on view of the scoreboard
  • Close proximity to the section tunnel for quick access to concessions and restrooms
  • High enough to see above the railing in front of row 1

Seat Views

Seat Ratings & Reviews

  • "Good Relief From the Heat" - - Ended up moving here after our original seats were too hot. We weren't the only ones - saw a lot of ...
    Section 544, Row 6, Seat 6
  • "Best Value at Rogers Centre" - - Not sure what the earlier reviewer was talking about. 518/519 and 530/531 are closer to the field th...
    Section 519, Row 7, Seats 7-8
  • "Seats were ok, I had never picked seats before" - - Excitement was great, food was good (meatloaf on a bun), and staff very friendly and helpful. Th...
    Section 113D, Row 15, Seats 13-14
  • "Close to the Tunnel, Otherwise Forgettable" - - The best thing about these seats is that - after the long walk up the ramp - this row is close to th...
    Section 536, Row 4
  • "Great view of home plate" - - Great view of home plate and the whole field. Being in the second row was great because we didn't h...
    Section 534, Row 2, Seats 104-110
  • "Great view! covered. " - - We liked these seats. The fact that this section is covered provided some protection from the sun. T...
    Section 108, Row 7, Seat 12
  • "Great view and comfort" - - These are club seats so they are padded and have a cup holder. They are the last row of the sectio...
    Section 225, Row 9, Seat 5
  • "Great seats for the section but need to lean forward" - - We were central to the jumbotron and could see everything happening, but need to lean forward and yo...
    Section 506, Row 125, Seats 103-106
  • "Awesome view, lots of action - view of videoboard" - - Home run alley! Great view - only downside was anything hit deep to left field but not a Homer was d...
    Section 239, Row 9, Seat 103
  • "AWESOME!!!" - - The seats were easy to get to and afforded a great view. Too bad the darn Yankees won. :>(
    Section 227, Row 3, Seats 3-6
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