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Seating Overview

Pavilion at Montage Mountain is an outdoor venue located in Scranton, PA. When the weather improves, the venue attracts some of music's biggest acts and is a popular destination for fans looking to take advantage of long summer nights.

For most shows, seating is split up into 5 distinct seating zones. Each of these areas has a list of pros and cons, including unique sitelines and sound quality differences. One of the most popular locations is Pit Seating. Most seats in this zone offer impressive views and a good angle towards the stage. On the other end of the spectrum is Lawn Seating where views of the stage are not as ideal and ticket prices are obviously less expensive.

Club and Premium Seating

Pavilion at Montage Mountain features upscale seating in the VIP Boxes. Ticketholders for these seats receive special privileges and amenities that are not available to all attendees.

For a full list of amenities and to see the club seating chart, please see the Pavilion at Montage Mountain VIP Boxes page.

Lawn Seats

Lawn seating at Pavilion at Montage Mountain

Pavilion at Montage Mountain does feature lawn seating.This is far and away the most polarizing seating option in the venue. Some fans will rave about seeing live music outside and feeling the grass underneath you. Others will complain that the grass is wet or the lawn is too steep (or not steep enough).

Whatever your opinion of the lawn is, keep in mind that certain items are prohibited. Be sure to read through the Lawn Seats Overview and Rules for questions about blankets and lawn chairs.

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