Pavilion at Montage Mountain

Pavilion at Montage Mountain Reserved Seating

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Reserved seating at the Pavilion at Montage Mountain is made up of 100 and 200 level sections.

100 Level - Lower Reserved

Sections 101-103 make up the lower reserved sections and are the closest seats to the stage. Depending on the setup, these seats may be behind the GA Pit section or extend all the way to the stage.

All 100 level seats are located underneath the pavilion and are protected from any bad weather.

Sit in section 102 for the best centered views.

200 Level - Upper Reserved

Upper Reserved seating is a good place to find a reserved chairback seat at a lower price; however, fans should note that only about the first half of the sections are covered by the roof.

We recommend opting for seats in A-S for the peace of mind if you want to ensure staying dry.

Sections in the Upper Reserved feature 30 lettered rows of seating, starting with Rows A-Z, and ending with Rows AA-FF.

Support beams located just behind the box seats and lower reserved sections may impact the view from some seats in this area. The clearest views are found near the middle of each row.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "They were wonderful, padded seats and arm rests!"

      (Section 102) - -

      So thankful that they were not the horrible folding chairs. I could see everything on the stage (instruments/performers). Everything up close and personal. It was nice to have service brought to the seat (drink and food). Wait staff were professional and accommodating. VIP deck had just enoug...

    • "Poor sound quality"

      (Section 206) - -

      Right at the edge of the pavilion, sound quality was embarrassingly bad. Way to much reverb! Possibly due to the proximity to the boulder wall? Either way, vocals and guitar were very difficult to hear over the bass drums at Knotfest. Some songs were difficult to recognize.

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