Scotiabank Saddledome

Press Level 6 at Scotiabank Saddledome


Press Level 6 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Press Level 6 are labeled 1-20
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 3
  • When looking towards the ice/stage, lower number seats are on the left

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  • Press Level 6 Reviews

    Not bad view of entire rink, team benches

    Mar 2014

    Hockey Review
    Press Level 6, Row 8, Seats 10, 11

    We knew we should avoid sitting in rows 4-6ish because of the security crossbar blocking the view of the rink. Row 8 was well above the crossbar and we could see the rink decently. But the bars around the stairs were still in our line of sight, especially obscuring the view of the goal crease. We were able to shift over a couple seats and get a clearer view. Ideal seats in this row would be seats 1-8. We also got a view into the press boxes (at least seeing their backs) as they called the game.

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      The cheapest tickets at the Saddledome are typically fond in upper deck sections on the sides of the arena. These sections - labeled PL1-18 are also known as Press Level seats. Each Press Level section has up to 20 rows of seats with Row 1 at the front, and the section entrance at Row 3. Rows 4 and above are only accessible via the staircase outside of the section tunnel. Views From the Press Level Press Level tickets are ideal for fans who just want to be in the building. They are difficult to recommend as anything other than value seats for the following reasons: Rows 1-3 should have a good view, but the safety wall and railing can be a nuisance These seats are literally located in the rafters and have a boxed-in feeling Despite the complaints, you're likely to find the most die-hard fans up here. This fosters an energetic atmosphere for rivalry games and big concerts. 

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