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Floor seating at the Saddledome is the best way to get close to the stage while enjoying a comfortable head-on view of the performance. More often than not, Floor Seats all belong to a single floor section with 40 rows of seats. In most cases, row 1 is the first row up against the stage.

Seat Numbers on the Floor

Seat numbers on the floor vary by concert, but the most common setup has space for 44 seats across. When looking towards the stage from the floor, seat number 1 is on the right aisle (closer to sections 119-122).

Aisle breaks are usually found between seats 14 and 17 and seats 28 and 31.

Owing to their position at center stage, seats 17-28 are the most desirable floor seat numbers.

General Admission Floor Tickets

While the most common floor setup has reserved seating on the floor, a number of shows also feature general admission tickets at floor level. When this is the case, all general admission ticketholders will have access to the same areas of the floor, and spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Unless otherwise stated, there are no seats in the general admission sections.

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    Jan 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor, Row 20, Seat 41

    I bought these seats in the back left of the floor section which were much cheaper then the majority of other floor seats. I kind of expected the experience to also be less enjoyable. It ended up much better than expected! The view was incredible, performance was amazing, and energy in the stadium was at an all time high. Highlight of the show was when Dierks ran into the crowd right past me. I gave him a high five!! He then performed a song or two at a small stage in the back of the floor which gave me the front row experience. One negative I will mention about these seats is that you’re kind of screwed if you have a tall person in front of you. I luckily didn’t have that problem but I saw a couple next to me having to shift their position the entire time in order to see the stage. Everyone should experience seats like these at least once!

    Couldn’t see a thing because people had to stand to record the entire concert

    Jun 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor, Row 20, Seats 20-22

    Was really looking forward to seeing Pentatonix live but unfortunately it was just like watching a video as people had to record the entire thing on their phones! I mean really, if you want to watch a concert video, stay home!

    Jeff Dunham - Dec 1, 2023

    Dec 2023

    Concert Review
    Floor, Row 3   Verified Customer

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