Sanford Stadium

Section 131 at Sanford Stadium


Sanford Stadium Section 131 View

Section 131 Seating Notes

  • These seats are located behind the Georgia sideline
  • Rows 45-60 are recommended for great views of the field
  • Desirable view from near midfield
  • Rows 58 and above are under cover
  • See all shaded and covered seating

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 131 are labeled 1-60
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 60

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  • Section 131 Reviews

    • Lower Level Sideline


      Lower level sideline seats are home to some of the best seats in the stadium with their close proximity to the field and ability to see all the action. The sections clustered around the 50 yard line are particularly good because of their prime location in an ideal spot. While the most expensive tickets might be closest to the field, the best views will be found in rows 20-40. These seats provide the best elevation for seeing the entire field comfortably. Sections 109, 110, and 111 on the NE side are designated student sections. These areas are likely to be some of the loudest and rowdiest in the whole stadium. The biggest complaint about lower level seating (besides for all bench seating) is lack of access to the concourse. With 60 rows in each section, you may be a dozen feet from the field but more than five-dozen steps away from grabbing that ice cold drink or using the restrooms. 

    • Recommended For Great Views of the Field


      Excellent view from between the 30-yardlines. Elevated perspective makes it easier to see end-to-end. Upper rows in these section are closer to the main concourse

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Fantastic seats"

      (Section 132) - -

      Great seats. Up high enough to see. Very close to the action. No cover but it was awesome.

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