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Section 119 at Sanford Stadium


Sanford Stadium Section 119 View

Section 119 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 119 are labeled 11-60
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 60

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    Great seats

    Jun 2012

    Section 119, Row 30

    Fantastic view.

    Section 119

    • East Lower Club


      Perhaps the most comfortable seating option on the lower level, the East Lower Club at Sanford Stadium features red chairs with backs and armrests. Despite looking in the direction of the setting sun, these seats are fully covered and are shaded during most hours of the day. Despite offering an endzone view of the action, the elevation of these seats make them far superior to endzone seats in lower rows. They're also very close to the concourse and are a fraction of the price of all other club seat and chairback options for UGA home games. 

    • Lower Level Endzone


      Behind the endzones on the lowest level of seating is the Lower Level Endzone seating location. This location is very close to the action behind the endzones, but it is far away from the other side of the field. Since it is far away and the uprights provide a slight obstruction to the view, the other side of the field is difficult to see. The lack of elevation also contributes to the difficulty in seeing the opposite side. The sections behind the west endzone, sections 139-143, are designated student sections, so this area is one of the loudest in the stadium. Students tend to stand during a majority of the game, so it may be difficult to see the action when sitting in or around these sections. 

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    • "Watched the whole game"

      (Section 117) - -

      These seats are pretty good. You are up high enough to see the action. When they are in the other end zone, you can see all the action clearly on the huge screen. The goal post is not in the way, your don't have tones of stairs to climb, and you can hear the band loudly without it being too much. Th...

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