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Best Seats at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater

head-on concert view at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater
Section 203 offers a comfortable head-on view for end-stage shows

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section 203 and Section 205 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance.

Lawn Seats

Full Lawn at Sunlight Supply Amphitheater
  • Lawn Seats - The lawn at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater can offer a variety of views depending on where you sit. The best part about the lawn is that you get to...

Reserved Seats

Pavilion seats are covered
  • Reserved Seats - There are two levels of reserved seating at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater. A large walkway and the VIP Box seats separate the two levels. Res...

Shaded & Covered Seating

Box seats will hold multiple guests with chairs that can be moved around for comfort. Each box will have a table and for most shows a waiter will come around to take food and beverage orders.
All pavilion seats are located under the venue's roof keeping them protected from any bad weather.

More than half of all seats at RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater offer some type of shade or cover. Below is a sample of seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at different times of the day. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

  • Seats in Section 101 are covered
  • Seats in Section 205 are covered
  • Seats in Section 207 are covered

RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater Seat Views

RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater Seating Reviews

  • "Disappointed :-(" - - I was really excited for these seats as I brought my daughter and her friend to their first concert,...
    Section 203, Row S, Seat 27
  • "Could see everything!" - - Went to the Beck/Cage the Elephant concert here with my boyfriend and was really happy with these se...
    Section 202, Row T, Seat 15
  • "Side view" - - Overall a good view of the stage, but had a side view rather than straight on. There were no obstruc...
    Section 201, Row A, Seat 4
  • "Not great not horrible" - - Overall decent seats, but if I really wanted to see the stage I would not sit here again. You can st...
    Section 207, Row H, Seat 19
  • "Weird lighting " - - These seats were in the sun for the first part of the show and made it kinda hard to see the stage u...
    Section 204, Row X, Seat 1
  • "Great seats!!!!" - - Wow!!! These seats are great! My friends and I felt close to the stage and got a great deal on these...
    Section 205, Row R, Seat 17
  • "Great concert and great seats!" - - These seats were amazing!! I love being on the aisle for concerts and felt like these seats were equ...
    Section 206, Row K, Seat 1
  • "Dave Matthews Band - Sep 4, 2019" - - The seat was in a great location. Not happy about the quality of the sound at this amphitheater thou...
    Section 102, Row W   Verified Customer
  • "Santana with the Doobie Brothers - Jun 30, 2019" - - Love the venue. Santana was fabulous. Great Vibe.
    Lawn, Row GA5   Verified Customer
  • "Jason Aldean - Sep 22, 2023" - - Great seats, could see everything.
    Section 202, Row O   Verified Customer
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    There are multiple food options located on the concourse at Sunlight Supply Amphitheater.

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