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To many, the best part about recent renovations at Rupp Arena was the addition of chairback seating. Previously, only the most expensive seats had seats with backs. Now, most sections in the arena are afforded the comforts of a stadium chair.

  • All Lower Level sections at Rupp Arena have chairback seating
  • Upper level sideline sections have seats with backs

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    • "They're alright"

      (Section 13) - -

      Rupp Arena's seats are not for large people - they would best fit someone very slim, narrow, and short (under 5'5"). Last time I visited, I was in middle school, and erroneously believed everything would be okay. I am pretty sure my knees are permanently indented from the seats in front of me, and t...

    • "Behind the basket"

      (Section 22) -
    • "Upper level"

      (Section 211) -

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