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Lower Level sections are Rupp Arena are labeled with a two-digit number (e.g.: 12). Rows in these sections are lettered. Double and triple-letter rows are closer to the floor, while Row Y is at the back of most sections.

Best Lower Level Seats for Kentucky Basketball

Sit as close to center court as possible - in any row - for the best experience at a Kentucky game.

If you sit in one of the front rows in one of these side sections you'll have extra-comfortable Courtside seats. And if you're in a higher row, you'll have a more comfortable view of the court.

We're not a big fan of end sections because the basket disrupts your view. And we think corner sections are too far removed from the court.

Best Lower Level Seats for a Concert

For most concerts, the best seats on the Lower Level will be in sections 13 and 32. When the stage is setup on the West end of the arena, these are the closest side sections with a clear view of the stage.

Lower Level sections are the primary alternative to guests who don't like sitting in Floor Seats. The rise of these sections makes it easier to see over other guests and most seats come with better access to amenities.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Lower Level Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Good Seats"

      (Section 30) - -

      The people on both sides were friendly

    • "Terrible!! Beware."

      (Section 16) - -

      Row Y is the top row on the lower arena seats. You are up under the overhang from the upper level - this prevents any vision of the big screens, distorts the acoustics and becomes very hot. We paid the same high price for lower level seats. So disappointed - 6 tickets!!!

    • "They're alright"

      (Section 13) - -

      Rupp Arena's seats are not for large people - they would best fit someone very slim, narrow, and short (under 5'5"). Last time I visited, I was in middle school, and erroneously believed everything would be okay. I am pretty sure my knees are permanently indented from the seats in front of me, and t...

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