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On the Rogers Place seating chart, sections 201-234 make up the Upper Bowl. These are the farthest seats from the action, but they often provide good value compared to the Lower Bowl.

Most Upper Bowl sections have an entrance at the back row. This is usually labeled Row 12, although some sections are slightly smaller and others have a drink rail at the last row.

While sitting in the last row doesn't always sound appealing, guests who sit there won't have to walk many stairs and will have direct access to the Upper Bowl concourse. Guests in lower rows will walk down the steps, which end at Row 1 at the front.

Upper Bowl Notes

  • The Oilers shoot twice towards sections 210-213
  • The Sky Lounge and Sportsnet Club are located on the end where the visitors shoot twice
  • Sections 210-213 have a head-on view for end-stage concerts
    • But these are also the farthest seats from the stage
  • Sections 201 and 221 are some of the best side sections in the Upper Bowl for a concert

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Upper Bowl Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Seats comfortable. Would be good view for hockey."

      (Section 206) - -

      Went to Crystal last night. HORRIBLE view from these seats. Acrobats not visible under the lighting system. Even if acrobat got low enough to see, you ended up blinded because the side spotlights were directed straight into the section blinding everyone.

    • "Clear vew"

      (Section 211) -
    • "Sight Line Blockage"

      (Section 222) - -

      Sight line to side screen slightly blocked because of concert lighting.

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