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section 117, row 25 seat view  for hockey - rogers place

Features & Amenities

Rogers Place has some of the more unique seating options, but it remains rather traditional in the lower seating level. These 100-Level sections are also known as the Lower Bowl and wrap all the way around the arena.

Most Lower Bowl sections have 25 rows of seats - and many feature a Drink Rail row (labeled DRL) at the back.

Best Lower Bowl Seats for an Oilers Game

Lower Bowl Concert Tickets

Lower Bowl tickets are a popular alternative to Floor Seats for a concert. While Floor sections are flat, these sections are on risers, making it easier to see over guests in front of you.

When the stage is set-up at the end of the floor, sections 101 and 121 are some of the most popular Lower Bowl sections.

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    Lower Bowl Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "View was excellent, easy access to the lounge"

      (Section 119) -
    • "Could touch the glass!!"

      (Section 113) - -

      Wow these seats were incredible! Located in the first row in the corner of the lower bowl, I was right against the glass. I could feel the rumble and thunder whenever anyone got checked near me. I also had a front row view to the goal closest to me. I was able to see goals cross the line before bas...

    • "Perfect sound but too far back to see"

      (Section 110) - -

      I bought these seats excited to sit in the lower bowl for a concert. What I didn’t realize was how far back you were from the stage sitting in this section. Throughout the set, the performers looks like ants masked in beautiful lights. The video screens on each side of the screen did help but of c...

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