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Should I choose 100 level or 200 level for concerts at United Center?

I'm trying to decide between Section 113 Row 19 Seats 1-2, Section 112 Row 19 Seats 21-22, and Section 209 Row H Seat 22.

Sep 2014

Answered by Steve at RateYourSeats.com...

In Section 113 Row 19 Seats 1-2, you will directly above the entry tunnel between Sections 113 and 112, which means you won't have any other fans directly in front of you, however there is a safety railing located just in front of the seats. This is also the case with Section 112, Row 19, Seats 21 and 22, which are also above the same entry tunnel. And while the railing just in front is not terribly high, it will limit your leg room and will limit the view compared to other seating options at the United Center.

In Section 209, you will be further from the stage for a traditional end stage setup, but will have a head on view of all the action (compared to Sections 112 and 113 which have more of a side view). Section 209 is also located on the Club level, which gives you access to a more private concourse and fewer rows in the section for easier trips to and from the restrooms and concessions.

If possible, we would recommend opting for seats in Sections 217-218 and 233-234 as these sections are located on the club level and will keep you close to the stage for a traditional end stage performance.

Seating Locations for Section 112, 113, and 209 at United Center
Sections 112 and 113 will keep you closer to the stage, while Section 209 provides a more comfortable experience with head-on views from the Club level

Asked September 20, 2014 for Usher, August Alsina & DJ Cassidy on Nov 17, 2014

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