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Will there be students standing in Section 114 for an OSU men's game?

We are sitting in 114, Row FF. Will we be able to see the court while sitting down? We have young kids and do not want to stand the whole game. Thank you for your help.

Dec 2015

Answered by Keith at

Section 114 is a part of student seating for Ohio State men's basketball home games. And for the biggest games of the year, it is not uncommon for students to stand the entire game.

Despite the issues this may cause, there are a few things working in your favor:

1) Section 114 is usually the last student section to fill up in the lower level

2) Many students will not be in Columbus on December 30 as they will be on semester break

3) Despite being the first Big 10 game of the season, it is unlikely that students will stand as much as they will for a game against Michigan or Michigan State

So while you may have to deal with some students - and even a few who stand - this is much less of an issue compared to other times of the year. Once the crowd gets settled in, you may actually want to move farther back in your section to rows P-S. These rows are slightly less obstructed by the basket, are more elevated and are closer to the concourse (restrooms and concessions).

Asked December 29, 2015 for Minnesota Golden Gophers at Ohio State Buckeyes on Dec 30, 2015

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