Lucas Oil Stadium

How many seats are in each row at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Looking for seats near one end or the other.

Nov 2015

Answered by Steve at

The number of seats in a row will vary depending on the section and row you are interested in. To find seats on the aisle through our Interactive Seating Chart, you can select the filter on the right side named "On/Near Aisle". Clicking this option will limit the tickets on the map and the list to only those which are on or near the aisles in a given section and row.

Aisle Seat Ticket Filter at Lucas Oil Stadium
Select the filter for On/Near Aisle to quickly find seats at the end of a row

It is important to note however that most listings can only deliver seats on the aisle if all the tickets in the listing are purchased in the transaction. For example, if a seller lists 4 tickets for sale and includes a listing note indicating that the seats are on the aisle, you might not get the seats on the aisle if you should only purchase 2 of those 4 total tickets.

Asked November 20, 2015 for Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts on Dec 20, 2015

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