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On the Lucas Oil Stadium Seating Chart, the Loge Level refers to 300 and 400 Level sections. These seats wrap around the venue and provide a different experience depending on where you sit.

Loge Level Club Seats

Loge Level sections near midfield are considered Club Seats. Because these seats come with special privileges, access is limited to club ticketholders.

300 vs. 400 Level

Although they're numbered differently, 300 and 400-Level sections share the same concourse and entry tunnels. When you enter these sections, rows below the stairs are the 300s and rows above are 400s.

Because the sections are smaller and closer to the field, Colts tickets in the 300s are generally more expensive.

North Endzone Loge Seats

Sections 401-403 and 450-453 are located in the North end of the stadium. While most Loge seats require minimal stairs, these are the largest sections on the level and are only accessible via a staircase.

Ticket prices in these sections tend to be the cheapest among all Loge listings.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    • "Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts - Nov 10, 2019"

      (Section 403) -
    • "Folding Chairs. Nice Corner View"

      (Section 306) - -

      Seats are conveniently located near concessions and restrooms for easy access. Folding chair seats in the corner so no cup holders for drinks but nice view of field - visitor's side. Small section so not a lot of crowding. When roof is open, seats are out of sun so no squinting.

    • "Favorite Seats: section 446 row 15 seat 22"

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