First Energy Stadium

Where is the Browns tunnel at First Energy Stadium?

What seat section should I select if I want to be close to where the Browns run out of the tunnel?

Jun 2016

Answered by Steve at

The best seats for being close the the Browns team entry tunnel will be the lower rows of Section 139. If you can find seats in Rows 1-6, you will be right beside the player tunnel.

Section 144 also has seats next to the tunnel near the front of the section, but only have 1 seat in each of those rows making it difficult if you are bringing a guest to the game.

Browns Entry Tunnel at First Energy Stadium
With only a few seats lining the tunnel in Section 144, the best option for being close to the Browns players as they enter and exit the field is the lower rows of Section 139. All seating in Section 141 is located above the tunnel.

Photo Credit: Erik Drost on Flickr

Asked June 06, 2016 for NFL Preseason - Atlanta Falcons at Cleveland Browns on Aug 18, 2016

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