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Which seats are behind the Duke and Visitor benches at Cameron Indoor?

Nov 2016

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One of the more intimate basketball venues in the country, Cameron Indoor Stadium features a unique seating layout in its lowest level. Unlike most arenas which have multiple segmented sections, there are just four seating sections closest to the court. Section 17 spans the entire West sideline and is comprised mainly of Duke students. Sections 18 and 20 are on the North and South baselines, respectively. Meanwhile, Section 19 - perhaps the most desirable seating section - spans the entire East sideline.

Tickets in Section 19 are usually the most expensive seats for Duke basketball, owing to their proximity to the player benches. While many of the tickets are reserved for guests of both teams, some tickets do surface for resale.

Seat Numbers in Section 19

In sections 1-16 upstairs, seat numbers are divided by the aisle where odd numbers are on the right and even numbers are on the left (when looking towards the court). Because Section 19 does not have a traditional aisle/section tunnel, seats simply run from #1 to #108, with lower numbers on the right side of the section (near the visitor bench).

Sitting Near the Benches

duke player benches
Looking towards Section 19 from upstairs

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To sit behind the Duke players and coaches, aim for seat numbers 73-92. If you're a fan of the visiting team, you may want to consider seats 23-42 where a number of other visiting fans and visiting player guests will be seated. Seats 1-22 and 93-108 are farthest to their respective side of the sideline and are technically behind the basket as opposed to on the sideline.

Asked November 29, 2016

Interactive Seating Chart


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