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Duracell Deck is the name given to the highest sections at Providence Park These are labeled EV1-EV9 on the Timbers seating chart.

These seats offer a bird's eye view of the match and their elevation makes it easy to see the entire field comfortably. Each section contains six or fewer rows with an entrance at the top. All rows are covered by the roof.

The Deck concourse is known for its multiple bars and views of the Portland landscape.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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  • Duracell Deck Seating Chart

    Soccer Duracell Deck Seating Chart at Providence Park

    Duracell Deck Reviews

      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "best seats for any weather / love new Duracell Deck"

      (East Vista 6) - -

      I’ve sat in nearly every section and I’m not sure why Duracell Deck seats are less expensive than others because the entire place feels like a skybox, only nicer. Because the rows are spaced far apart your sightline is clear even if the people in front are standing. It’s always dry, never t...

    • "Calm above the storm! Duracell Deck is amazing."

      (East Vista 5) - -

      We love these seats and the entire Duracell Deck. It has beautiful views, a breeze, and is not too crowded. You will never get rained on or sunburned; which is really saying something. These seats are located mid-field and on the aisle, so they are just about perfect. You are so high that you fee...

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