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Section 218 at Nationwide Arena


Nationwide Arena Section 218 View

Section 218 Seating Notes

  • For hockey games, desirable view from near center ice
  • Views from near center court for basketball games

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 218 are labeled A-M
  • When looking towards the ice/court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


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    Cher - Feb 10, 2019

    Feb 2019

    Concert Review
    Section 218, Row J   Verified Customer

    • Upper Level Sideline (Basketball)


      The best seats for budget-conscious fans are in Sections 202-204 and 216-218. Each of the sections provides a clear view of the entire court and scoreboard. For fans who don't care about being super-close to the court, these seats offer a great alternative to lower level corner and end seats that are typically more expensive. Each of these sections begins with Row A at the front and ends with Row Q. 

    • Upper Sideline (Hockey)


      Sections near center ice on the upper seating tier are a good option for fans looking for a less expensive option with good views of both nets. Sections 203 and 217 will put you right on the center line, creating a similar view to what you normally see when watching the Blue Jackets on TV. Sections in this area have up to 17 lettered rows of seating, with the entry tunnels located at Row C. 

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