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Section 533 at M&T Bank Stadium


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Section 533 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 533 are labeled 1-19
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 3
  • When looking towards the field/stage, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 533 Reviews

    Private Row for 2

    Sep 2013

    Football Review
    Section 533, Row 19, Seat 2

    These seats were in the second to last row of the section and the best part was that there was just 2 seats in the row, making it a great place to bring a guest. The section was pretty quiet as well and could actually talk to the person next to you while watching the game. The view was pretty good and I could see all areas of the field, as well as the scoreboard at the far endzone (much more difficult to see the scoreboard at the near endzone).

    • 500 Level


      The 500-Level goes around the entire stadium at M&T Bank Stadium. It is known for being very steep, so fans should be considerate of the row when searching for tickets. The entry tunnels are at the front of the section, with three steps between each row.  Those sitting in rows 15 and above should be considerate about how many trips they may be able to take to the concourse for concessions or restrooms. 500-Level Weather Considerations Windy days: avoid sections 506, 507, 519, 520, 533, 534, 546 and 547 Daytime: The sun will be to the back of sections 521-532Best for a hot and sunny day  Afternoon/Evening: The sun will set behind sections 535-546Best for comfortable viewing  

    • Upper Concourse Corner (Football)


      Seats with a corner view of the 500 level are spread across three different decks of seating. For example, in the NW corner of the stadium, section 547 is attached the to the sideline deck, section 546A is not attached to any deck and section 546 is within the endzone deck. Among these, the best seats are found in the endzone deck sections (ex: 543,544,545). Not only do these seats provide the best angles towards midfield, the lowest rows are about 10 rows lower to the field than the sideline deck and views of the videoboards are much better. Overall, upper corner seating in the first ten rows are easily the best cheap seats for a Ravens game. Sitelines are good, access to the concourse is good and ticket prices are very good. On windy days, avoid sections 506, 507, 519, 520, 533, 534, 546 and 547. Each of these sections is on the end of their respective seating decks and get punished by swirling winds. Similarly, avoid sections 506-510 on hot and sunny days where you'll be looking right into the bright sun. 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Can't see the whole endzone"

      (Section 534A) - -

      This is a temporary section in the corner on the Ravens side of the field. The height is pretty good for the 500 level, but the permanent upper deck gets in your way of seeing all of the near endzone (if you sit on the left side like seat 14). Seat 1 on the right side is probably OK but there's no a...

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